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Poziv na interdisciplinarni seminar u organizaciji Centra za napredne studije Jugoistočne Europe


Pozivamo Vas na interdisciplinarni seminar u organizaciji Centra za napredne studije Jugoistočne Europe, koji će se održati u četvrtak 08.02.2018., u 17,00 sati u prostorima Društva arhitekata Rijeka. Niže navodimo opis događaja. Jezik predavanja je engleski.

Opis događaja i programa:

An Interdisciplinary Seminar on Non-Verbal Normativity

Organized by CAS SEE & DAR

Non-verbal normativity surrounds us. In design and architecture practices, the visual communication and the built environment transmit rules and shape behaviour in a variety of, arguably, understudied ways. Signalization, political and lifestyle propaganda in various media, nudging images, technical drawings of city plans, ideologies articulated through architectural choices and propagated through artistic practices – are among the most prolific bearers of norms in the society.

This seminar gathers a number of Autumn 2017 CAS SEE Fellows investigating the non-verbal normativities in a variety of approaches and disciplines and the practitioners of design and architecture to open the discussion about the nature, relevance and effects of the "rules without words" in the contemporary normative landscape, where climate change is reframing the discussions on globalization, the illiberal governments are slowly and persistently changing the fundamentals of the discourse on governance and freedom, and the vast digital realm floods the international social life with innovations in social coordination as well as informational and affective strategies of uncontrollable quality and intent.

The language of the lectures and the discussion is English.

The seminar is open to public.
Discussants and audience members from all professions are invited.
The event visuals are made by Natasha Jankovic.


17.00 | Olimpia Giuliana Loddo and Davide Pisu: The Architect's Normative Drawings
17.30 | Carlo Burelli: Art, Power and Propaganda: Lessons from the Roman Empire
17.50 | Mónica Cano Abadía: The Non-Verbal Normativity of Gender Performativity
18.10 | Discussion
18.40 | Davide Pala: A Moral Framework for Assessing Hostile Architecture
19.00 | Milorad Kapetanović: Regulation of Informal Construction in Rijeka in the Anticipation of European Capital of Culture Rijeka
19.20 | Nataša Janković: Architectural terRI[s]tories: Mapping the Process of City Transformation.
19.40 | Gerrit Wegener: Continuous Architecture. The Most Living Act of Memory.
20.00 | Discussion